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Walking on the beach with wild Australian Seal Lions playing or sleeping all around us. This is at Seals Bay, Kangaroo Island. property of: pinkcanuck

That one time an IT employee made me cry

Today, I spoke with the head of IT services at my work. Being fresh off mat leave, I needed new passwords to be able to log in and do my work.

He asked me how being back was. Then he went on to say that he was “Mr. Mom” and stayed home with the baby for the year mat leave.

He said being at work is soooo much easier than being at home. I agreed. We laughed about being able to drink coffee and eat food while its still warm.

Then what he said next made ne cry. He said that despite all that…these are THE BEST years.

He said it with such sincerity that those words keep ringing in my ears. Oh how I hope to fully grasp how precious yet fleeting this time is.

THE BEST years.

Thanks IT guy for that reminder and for making me cry!




Nursery Tour


This picture frame was given to me by a co-worker. She purchased it from Chapters. I almost didn’t do pregnancy photos but now I’m so glad that I did!

Since our daughter is almost 1 year old, I think it’s about time that I post a tour of her nursery! Ha. I had planned to go off work a week early so that I could finish up the nursery and check items off my to-do list before my due date. Isn’t that a novel idea? Our baby wanted to remind us that life is unpredictable so she came a week before her due date. I stopped working and went into labour the next day. As a result, we’ve finished decorating her nursery a little bit here and there over her first year.


We decided to wait until the birth to find out if we were having a girl or a boy. Hence, the nursery is fairly gender neutral. I was happy with the already existing wall colour (light green) so I didn’t need to paint while pregnant. Disclaimer: this is a teeny tiny nursery! A VERY small room. It was a challenge getting all of the furniture to fit just right. You’ll see that we have a mix of white and dark wood in her nursery. It bothered me at first but now I don’t mind it one bit.


Found the “You Are My Sunshine” at Winners. Her change pad is called the Peanut Diaper Change Pad. It’s made in NY State and is the easiest thing to clean – no change pad covers required. Comes in all different colours but brown was what was available at the time. Our rocking chair came from Toys R Us.



Crib from Toys R Us. Dresser was my husband’s growing up. We bought the net to put stuffed toys in off Amazon.



This book is so precious to us. Since we have two copies of it, I wanted to display one of them in her nursery. The egg that sits next to it was given to us at her birth by my sister. The stars on it are neat because she was born at night and the egg reminds us that she was born at Easter!







We removed the old (and very loud!) closet doors and put a light curtain there instead. The LOVE plaque is also from Winners.


I made this plaque for her nursery when my husband and I went on our first date since her birth! The bear was given to us at our baby shower. It says, “Now I lay me down to sleep…” Isabel loves her “prayer bear!”

We bought this shadow box at Winners.  While our nursery is essentially a “no theme” nursery, we wanted a splash of yellow to go along with “You Are My Sunshine”. The song, “You Are My Sunshine” took on new meaning for me as our daughter is our rainbow baby (our pregnancy after a miscarriage). During her first weeks home, I sang this song to her often, “you make me happy when skies are grey, you’ll never know dear, how much I love you, so please don’t take my sunshine away!”IMG_4570This shadow box is full of meaning (minus the video camera for her baby monitor!). The moose on the top represents our baby who is in heaven. The book in the back is a from my childhood and the baby shoes are my husband’s. So there’s a little piece of her immediate family (me, my husband and our baby who is in heaven) represented in her nursery.




IMG_5364Last but not least, her bookshelf!
Since both my husband and I are big readers,
we put a lot of thought into her library before she was born.
I also want to make note of the basket on the top of her bookshelf. This is so handy! We place items in here that aren’t dirty but will be worn again soon (ex: sleep sack).

IMG_5366 And on the top shelf, those two chocolate boxes are perfect for random items (such as her hairbrush and also toys that I use to keep her still during a diaper change, ha!).

I love our daughter’s nursery.
Gender neutral.
No real theme.
Tiny yet cozy.
Simple yet elements of meaning through out.

There ya go.
This concludes the tour of our daughter’s nursery🙂
Hope you enjoyed!


Isabel lately…

Yesterday, Isabel clapped her hands together for the first time. She loved our reaction so much that she did this a couple of times. For months now, people have been asking me if Isabel can do “pat-a-cake”. My reply was “no” but then went home and googled the song. Of course I was “failing” my daughter because I wasn’t teaching her pat-a-cake!🙂

Recently, Isabel has been sitting in the top part of a shopping cart. Boy does this make a huge difference when out shopping! She now loves to shop. And she especially loves the shopping carts where she gets to pretend that she’s driving (Home Hardware, Lowes, etc).

Our house has been in a construction zone for months now (due to a tree falling on our house in late October). While our upstairs has been in repair, the only safe/clean spot for her to hang out is in a play pen. She cries when we put her in the play pen! Maybe a couple times a day she’ll play in there happily by herself, but most of the time she hates it. I’ve been so eager to get our house back in order so that we can set this girl free! Well, today was that day. We’ve mostly baby proofed the upstairs (still some fine tuning to do) and Isabel had the best day. No crying. No tears. She had the best time crawling around, playing and exploring (she was happy playing with or without us).  Turns out, we are all happier with her being able to crawl all over the place (i.e. living room and kitchen).

Isabel’s sleep has been all over the place. She slept through the night one day last week AND had a night where she slept for  ONLY 4 hours in the past week. We don’t get it. She’s almost a year old. I’ve been suspicious that she may be getting more teeth. She already has all 8 teeth that a baby can get by 12 months. Her next teeth shouldn’t arrive until 12+ months (her bottom molars) but I suspect that she’s cranking those teeth out now. Today I felt around and I think I feel something on the bottom left side.  This girl doesn’t like to be on time but early (i.e. she came a week before her due date).

Spring is my favourite time of year. We are getting a very early spring right now in Canada (robins and other birds have been back since the first week in March). I love watching new life begin again. As Isabel nears one year old, I can’t help but feel that this is a “spring” season for us. There are significant elements of stress that are no longer part of our lives (i.e. one example is no longer living in a construction zone while on mat leave. that was so hard. I was losing my mind). Lately, I’m observing a new stage of mother-daughter time beginning and it looks a lot like spring. While I’ve always loved my baby girl, I am enjoying her turning into a toddler much more than I thought I would (I have been dreading it!). I am grateful that a new season is upon us, and it reminds me of spring.


On raising my daughter to be a feminist

It’s a shame that many cringe when they hear the word feminist. People are often confused by what a person means when they say, “I’m a feminist”. The dictionary definition is such:

Feminist: advocating social, political, legal, and economic rights for women equal to those of men.

You don’t have to be a female to be a feminist. I love this clip where our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau identifies as a feminist and speaks about raising his sons to be feminists. It’s a one minute clip and worth the watch: Justin Trudeau Urges Men to be Feminists

How exactly do I plan to raise my daughter to be a feminist? The question gives me pause. It certainly won’t be a one time event but an on-going process. The following are a couple examples that come to mind. It’s not an exhaustive list but its a start.

  1. I plan to always raise her in a church that supports women in leadership and ministry. Thankfully, the Free Methodist Church is such a place. (p.s. Jesus was a radical feminist, I look forward to pointing this out to her!)
  2. I hope to instill in her the ability to ask, “why?” Example: why are baby showers only for the mothers and not also for the fathers? Where does that come from? And what do I think about that for today?
  3. I plan to instill in her a voice and knowledge re: finances. If she marries one day and decides to have her husband do the finances, that’s OK. That will be out of choice rather than inability to have an opinion on financial matters.
  4. Whether she decides to work or stay home with the kids, that will be her choice. I’ll remind her that the ability to choose is empowerment. (I’d also support dad being a stay-at-home dad if that’s what they want!).
  5. I’d want her to be aware of the inequality between males and females. The unspoken & spoken expectations that are rooted in sexism. But I’d want to do so in such a way that she is informed but not bitter. Passionate about justice but not poisoned by injustice. There’s a fine line — we must do what we can, when we can. But we will also face great disappointments in how others think & operate. This discouragement can cause us to not act at all. I hope that our daughter will be a feminist who will do what she can, when she can and will also remember the wise words of Mother Teresa:

People are often unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered; Forgive them anyway.


One month til 1 years old!

Isabel is 11 months old as of march forth (March 4th). Less than a month now til her 1st birthday! Wow. This year has both crawled forward and flown by. It’s been hard and heart warming. Adding a human being to your family rocks your world and it takes some time to adjust to your new normal. With each month that passes by, it’s less of “this is so new” and more, “this is our family”.

In the last month, Isabel has started to and gotten stronger at standing unassisted. She’s so proud of herself when she does this and gives us a big smile (she stands unassisted for 5-30 seconds at a time). While she mostly has purees, she’s started to feed herself with mum-mum rice crackers. She LOVES them. She will offer a bite or two of her cracker to me and smiles when I take her up on the offer.

In the last couple of weeks, she’s started to be a bit more cuddly. She’s never been super snuggly. This girl wants to be on the move! But recently, she’ll lay her head on our shoulder when we are carrying her and stay put for a minute or two at a time (occasionally, like, once or twice a day, ha!). We soak up those snuggles. She’s also learned how to give kisses! Just last night when Derek went to pick her up out of the crib at 3am she gave him a kiss without him asking for one. Adorable.

She continues to wave “hi” and “bye, bye” but its a backwards wave (waving to herself). She sometimes sees our neighbour walking their dog in the mornings and she’ll stop what she’s doing and wave to them.  The only thing that she’s afraid of is the vacuum. She shows zero fear of dogs or cats (even the ones that aren’t hers). She says “mum mum” when upset and “da da” occasionally but both don’t seem to be directed towards us yet. She also says, “ba ba”at times (offering her a rice cracker, giving her a stuffed toy).

We started to leave her in the last month to go on dates.  She’s been watched by my cousin and two sisters (all together) for a couple of hours. She’s loved it both times. No tears. We still call her Isabel all the time and that’s what she responds to (when others call her Izzy she doesn’t look their way). When introducing her, we often get compliments that Isabel is such a nice name. We love you, Isabel Mary. So glad to celebrate 11 months with you!